Every person is called with a personal call and purpose. No-one is meant to just survive from paycheck to paycheck until we die. Each and every one of us has a purpose and a calling, but in this “instant” world where our attention is stolen by the world around us, sometimes finding that purpose is a struggle…

We also seem to forget that we are part of a body and not supposed to do everything ourselves…

Not only because it is not required, but also
because God might have reserved a job or function
for a specific person that needs to fill that space
in preparation for something else…


So this site has a singular purpose to assist The Body in three specific areas:

Ministries Looking for Help

If you have a ministry and you need a resource or an extra body, then you can post your need here so that volunteers or other ministries can network with you to solve your problem

Ministries Giving Help to Ministries

If you have a ministry that is overabundantly blessed, with excessive resources (Luke 9:17) then you can use this service to find ministries in your area that need what you have!

People finding their Place and Purpose

If you really can’t think how God can use your plumbing skills or ability to make sense of an excel spreadsheet, or a bouquet from field flowers and grass. You will be surprised at what ministries need!

Every person is a ministry with a calling, and every ministry is part of the body, and the body does not function apart from each other.

We need to spend time and resources building each other up

Our Biblical Foundation...?

Edges, Margins and Corners... Multiplied!

We believe that we can take God at His word when he says “Test Me!”

In the Old Testament, the laws & guidances for modern day business was written in Deuteronomy 24 and Leviticus 19.

We all know that your field was to be used and cultivated to care for those under your authority, and your TITHE was to be paid to the ministry to sustain them (and the ministry had to pay their own tithes as well – the same rules applied)

But the part we  do not always pay attention to is the Corners and Edges of your field. These were to be left for the immigrants, the orphans and the widows. How much you left, was up to you, but leave it, you had to. It did not belong to you.

Now… many of us don’t have a “field” anymore, and our harvest looks different than when those words were written… but we still have margin and edges, and our tithes are still paid.

Except… instead of leaving people a corner of our field, we let them have a resource that we have been overblessed with… and instead of the edges of our field, we allocate time that could have been billable hours, to speak, to listen, to help, to care – and when we leave a small margin of time, time that doesn’t belong to us, and we give it to the right person… we can be sure that  God will multiply what we gave beyond our recognition.

So this is EMC Squared

A place where:

  • Ministries can help out other ministries with resources in the form of Stock (or items), Skills & Talent or Time.
  • A space where ministries can let people know what needs they have
  • and Church Members can find places to serve with their modern day skills that may not, at first glance, look like it’s part of the five-fold ministry.

So when we give of the “field” that God entrusted into our care, we can be sure that God will multiply the effects and results of our efforts.

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  • 2 Ministries Registered

If you have not yet registered...

...now is the time

There are no fees and no costs, just an opportunity to serve.

So what is the process...

For an individual?

For a ministry?

  • Sign Up

    The first step is to sign up as a ministry

  • Complete your Profile

    Complete your ministry's Profile so that volunteers can learn more about what you do

  • Upload some photos

    Upload a few photos about your ministry activities

  • Post a need or Job

    Post your ministry needs or volunteer jobs that you need assistance with now

  • Find Other Needs

    Browse other ministries near you to find out what needs you may be able to fill

  • Sign up your Team

    Sign up your team and link them in your profile

  • Check on Applications

    See who volunteered to help you out or provide assets or resources to fill your needs!

Our Team

These are the people that oversee EMC Squared and ensure we stay on the right track and working for the right reasons...

Sean Nel Web Developer
Luba V Nel - Prayer Support and Prophetic Vision
Paul and Tracy Tredrea - Ministry Network and Broadcast