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    Are you stuck with a specific item and not sure how to go from here?

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Although it is quite an expensive service to operate, there is no fee to use this service. If you did find it useful and would like to donate to our operating expenses, please contact us and we will send you details.
EMC Squared is an Independent Ministry Support Organisation. The sole purpose is to help ministries become more effective and network better with other ministries and charities near them.

Administrative Questions

Yes. Contact us for details. If your content is approved, we will run a banner ad for you for the event
No. Only ministry-related ads will be run on the site
Yes, we can reset it. Please send us an email through the contact form and we will try to assist you. Please note that we will not reset access to a profile if we are not 100% sure of your identity, and we may ask for positive copies of your ID and/or Passport to assist in this matter
Yes, you can contact the ministry attached to a posted Volunteer Position or Need directly, referencing the job posted here.
We have three types of JOBS: 1. Needs These are needs a ministry have, usually for specific items (like a projector, or blankets, or tinned food) but can also be for a specific service that can be commercially rendered (like assistance with a non-profit registration) 2. Service Opportunities  These are volunteer opportunities where physical manpower or time is needed at an event or series of events 3. Jobs These are part-time or full-time positions that need to be filled at various ministries
Yes, but we will need to identify you positively before we can delete an account and no active account will be deleted on behalf of someone else. You can delete any account you have access to

Questions about Needs and Opportunities