Backpacks for the Homeless

Born from the testimony of this project, we filled a backpack with a few goodies to give to a guy that was just down on his luck. But this got us thinking…

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep a bag like this in your car at all times? Then when God pushes on your heart or brings someone across your path that needs help that day, like a good bible verse, you have a solution at hand!

What should be in a gift like this?

Firstly… The idea is to give a backpack with stuff so that it can be functionally re-used. You can buy quite a few backpacks from Amazon or Takealot or even your local convenience store for not too much money if you shop around a bit. The important thing

We thought it would be good if it’s bright and stand out a bit, makes the guys easier to see at night when walking.

And Inside?

Speaking to a few people, we have the following items that we think will work. (if you have a better idea, or think we missed something, please send us a message and we can update this list!)

  1. a roll of plastic bags
  2. a pack of two-minute noodles (5pack)
  3. a few packs of instant porridge
  4. tins of tuna or Bullybeef (3 or 5-tin stacks – easy-open is best)
  5. a few packets of 3-in-one coffee
  6. a pack of teabags
  7. a small pack of sugar
  8. a tin opener
  9. a metal mug (it’s durable and can go on a fire)
  10. spoon, fork and knife
  11. a lighter or matches
  12. a new toothbrush
  13. toothpaste
  14. a bar of soap
  15. facecloth

And try to add in a bar of chocolate – because seriously… everybody deserves a luxury, even if it’s a small one!

The Food on the list, including a backpack, worked out to about R420 per backpack (or about $30 US)

Another thing that is not available everywhere… but if your church has a dedicated ministry to the homeless, maybe pop a card in there with some details as well as anything with job placements.

And then lastly: Pray over the recipient of the bag… seems obvious, but there it is. Sometimes we are so eager to do a good deed, that we forget that no matter what we give and what we can share, only God can take care of the new owner of the bag.

Thank you for thinking about ways to change the lives of people that are struggling in your city!